Booster Provides Contactless Gas Delivery

Photo via Booster.

Mobile fueling company Booster is helping to limit the spread of the coronavirus with a contactless gas station — a fueling alternative to the traditional gas station, which is a well-known germ hotspot.

Seventy-one percent of traditional gas pump handles have high levels of contamination, enough to spread illness. In an effort to keep people safe, Booster's “contactless” gas stations on wheels are setting up for fueling in the parking lots of essential services like grocery stores or pharmacies that supply the community with necessary goods. 

Booster’s proprietary mini-tankers park in one spot and customers receive full-service no-touch fueling. To remain “contactless,” all ordering and communication is done through a special website: When cars are filled consumers receive a text and email receipt, as well as a thumbs up from the booster service professionals.

Booster Fuels offers similar/competitive pricing with nearby gas stations. This is a service for all consumers, no memberships or apps required.