AuctionWatch, a provider of online sales solutions, announced that it has changed its name to Vendio Services Inc., which reflects the company’s expansion into new services and focus on multi-channel selling. "Vendio - derived from the Latin root 'to sell' - captures the spirit of our company, as well as the business aspirations of our customers," said Rodrigo Sales, Vendio CEO. By using a multi-channel sales approach, online merchants are able to reduce marketing costs, concentrate on building their brand, focus on strengthening customer relationships, and build more profitable businesses. Vendio offers a suite of sales management services that merchants can use to sell nearly $50 million in gross merchandise sales per month. Services available include Sales Manager, which allows users to create item listings that can be launched to a preferred online market place; Vendio Stores lets merchants sell directly to customers without marketplace fees; and Customer Manager includes direct marketing capabilities designed for small businesses.