Five Factors Linked to 74% of Ohio’s Fatal Crashes

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Five specific contributing factors accounted for 74% of fatal collisions in Ohio in 2019, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, reports WKTN.

Motorists who engaged in one of the following—driving off the road, going at an unsafe speed, driving left of center, failure to yield, and following too close—accounted for nearly two-thirds of roadway fatalities in The Buckeye State.

The report also explored gender and age differences when it came to the dangerous driving behaviors. It found that male drivers were at fault in 75% of the fatal crashes, and that traveling at unsafe speed occurs more often with male drivers than female drivers, notes WKTN.

Female drivers were 20% more likely to be at fault in failure to yield fatal crashes than males. More teenage drivers were at fault in fatal crashes caused by unsafe speeds and left of center than mature drivers.

Some 1,157 people lost their lives in Ohio traffic crashes in 2019, making it the second-deadliest year of the past decade. Overall, distracted driving is believed to be a factor contributing to the increase in fatal crashes, according to the report.

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