Apple has released the first beta version of iOS 13.4 for developers. According to website 9to5Mac, which covers news about Apple, this new version refers to a “CarKey” API, which would allow one to use the iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and start a vehicle.

After looking at the new system’s internal files, 9to5Mac said that CarKey will be able to be used in Near-Field Communication (NFC)-compatible cars, since the device only needs to be held near the vehicle to be used as a key. It appears that CarKey will work automatically without requiring Face ID. 

The automatic pairing process will be completed through the Wallet app. If the pairing process doesn’t work, a user can manually add the key using a PIN code. Additionally, the car manufacturer’s app will be needed to finish with the setup process, according to 9to5Mac.

During the initial setup process, users put the iPhone on top of the car’s NFC reader. Then CarKey will be available in the Wallet app and can be added to Apple Watch.

CarKey can also be shared with other people. Through the Wallet app, drivers can invite family or friends to have access to the key on their own Apple devices, according to 9to5Mac.  

It appears that Apple is starting to work with some car manufacturers to implement this feature, but 9to5Mac says that it probably won’t be available to everyone until iOS 13.4 is officially released.