Peterbilt is among the manufacturers that will be offering an all-electric refuse truck....

Peterbilt is among the manufacturers that will be offering an all-electric refuse truck. Pictured is the Model 520EV, which has a range of about 100 miles and a four-hour charge time.

Photo: Peterbilt

Los Angeles Sanitation has committed to transitioning its entire refuse truck fleet to zero-emission trucks by 2035. All LA Sanitation’s truck procurement will be 100% electric within the next two years, according to a release from the Los Angeles County Electric Truck & Bus Coalition, which hosted a panel event about heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles.

“We came to the realization that we are such a significant player in this industry across the nation, we have a marketplace pull and leverage. We know that we can be an enabler and an accelerator,” said LA Sanitation’s General Manager Enrique Zaldivar during the event. “We are now looking at 2035 to fully electrify our fleet.”

The commitment follows technology announcements from manufacturers, including Mack Trucks, Peterbilt, Mercedes/Daimler, BYD, and BEV/Lion, which are each offering battery-electric truck models. The electric trucks will replace the department’s existing fleet of natural gas refuse trucks.

Refuse vehicles, with their short and planned daily routes and frequent stop-and-go driving, are well suited for electrification.

LA Sanitation manages the city’s wastewater, solid waste, and stormwater programs.

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