-  Graphic courtesy of Dataforce.

Graphic courtesy of Dataforce.

Austria saw an increase in true fleet sales in 2019 when compared to the previous year and was up by 5,000 units.

In 2019, 135,000 fleet vehicles were sold, according to Dataforce. The No.1 bestselling fleet vehicle in Austria was the Skoda Octavaia, which sold 6,199 assets, and was followed by the Volkswagen Golf, which saw 4,552 assets sold, and the Volkswagen Polo, which sold 2,927 units.

Meanwhile, the total market saw 331,000 units sold, which was down roughly 11,000 units from the previous year, according to Dataforce. Private Sales decreased by 11.1%, which represent around a decline of 14,000 vehicles. The most popular car amongst private buyers has been the Skoda Fabia with 3,599 sales, followed by the Volkswagen T-ROC (3,038 sold), and the Volkswagen Polo (2,724 sold).