Baron has updated its website to provide optimized weather data for fleet managers that can be imported into telematics platforms, transportation management systems and mobile apps, the Huntsville, Ala.-based company announced.

The cloud-based Baron Weather API for Fleet website, which is now live, includes a renovated documentation area with improved organization and faster access, according to the company.

With more customer dashboard features and convenient key display, customers can easily leverage Baron Weather API using any coding language to track current conditions, view forecast conditions, or access historical data. The product also includes new case ideas and descriptions for over 200 meteorological data products, including over 60 Baron exclusives.

With accurate weather data, fleet customers can plan routes ahead of time to avoid inclement weather, get better situational awareness around storms, and reduce weather-related accidents, according to the company.

Baron Weather API features a streamlined on-boarding process and includes numerous data formats, including JSON and TMS to make integration into an app or GIS platform for efficient. It also features RESTful architecture, which helps ensure a familiar development environment.

Data in the Baron Weather API for Fleet is provided in a variety of different formats including ESRI and ArcGIS with the developer able to determine how to present the information. Data packages can be customized, according to the company.

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