Mobility Q&A: Motorq

Logo courtesy of Motorq.

We asked sponsors for the 2019 Fleet Forward Conference four questions regarding their mobility strategies as they relate to commercial, corporate, and government fleets. 

Mobility specialist Motorq weighs in:

1-What message would you like to impart to our Fleet Forward audience of commercial, corporate, and government fleet managers? 

Motorq is a cloud-based software company that helps large fleets connect to and analyze native automotive OEM data. Fleet management companies and large fleet owners have the daunting challenge of not only managing thousands of vehicles, but they also need to process data from multiple OEMs and third-party data streams in real time. Motorq helps fleets access, normalize, and analyze this data using Motorq’s own machine learning and AI capabilities. 

We believe the industry is really at the front end of a massive curve in data analytics and business intelligence that is enabled by the growing number of connected cars in fleets around the world. Today we have the capability to use data to streamline operations, increase accountability and transparency, and improve the safety of fleets for both drivers and the general public.  Long term, this very same data can be used to increase revenue streams, reduce costs and potentially, unlock new business models. Of course, this doesn’t happen “automagically” – but companies like Motorq are developing tools and services to make this massive stream of data work for fleet managers.

2-Tell us about your company as it relates to mobility: connectivity, autonomous technology, shared mobility, or electrification.

Motorq has two main partners in the fleet world, automotive OEMs and fleet managers. Our mission is to make the lives of both of our partners easier by creating a simple to use and convenient platform for connected car data to be used to help fleets (customers) make better use of digital assets to improve their operations.

Our platform is the interface between terabytes of data generated by and flowing from vehicles, and fleet managers. We are able to ingest, normalize, analyze the data to present cogent information -- business intelligence -- required by fleet managers to manage their business. Today’s fleets are a patchwork of different aftermarket and OEM telematics systems, which traditionally would have made such analysis impossible at worst and expensive and cumbersome at best. 

The fleet of the future will be connected, autonomous, electric and shared – and likely generating exponentially more data than today’s vehicles. Having a secure, trusted and technology-agnostic intermediary like Motorq will be essential for fleet managers to maximize operations.

3-What is your specific value proposition or message to commercial, corporate, and government fleets as it relates to mobility?

As virtually all OEMs are deploying automotive-grade, robust, and native car connectivity platforms, the fleet world is going to take a huge step forward in the management and operations of their vehicles. From the accurate and reliable geolocation of vehicles to emerging uses such as predictive battery failure, Electric Vehicle Battery health and performance, and robust data analysis is going to improve the lives of fleet managers and their end customers too. In addition, OEM connectivity will result in reduced dependence on after-market devices and eliminate install costs.

At the same time, all of this data increases both the responsibilities and the liabilities for protecting it and ensuring compliance. Our platform is governed by Motorq’s consent-management system.  Motorq works with customers to require and obtain all required consents, such as those specified in the Automotive Consumer Privacy Protection Principles, as well as other regulatory requirements.

4-How do you see your part of the industry developing in the near future, and your business specifically?

Access to reliable data at scale will not only improve fleet management for existing human-driven, internal combustion engine fleets, but with the move to autonomous and electric fleets, critical real-time communication and management will be a requirement for staying relevant. Motorq looks to help our partners remove the data plumbing roadblocks, so that our customers can focus on the unique value that they bring to their businesses.