Boise, Idaho, ranks as America's safety driving city with population density part of the analysis.

Boise, Idaho, ranks as America's safety driving city with population density part of the analysis.

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Boise, Idaho, has moved up from third place to the number one safest driving city in the nation when factoring in population density in Allstate's 2019 America's Best Drivers report.

While the average driver in America gets into a collision once every 10.57 years, the average number of years between collisions for Boise drivers is 13.65.

The new list of the safest 200 cities was released in late August. Using Allstate claims data, Allstate analysts use a predictive model to compare each city’s collision frequency when factoring in its population density.

Other cities that ranked among the top five safest driving cities when accounting for population include Brownsville, Texas, which came in second — a drop from the top spot last year.

Laredo, Texas, ranks third with an average of 13.02 years between collisions. Fort Collins, Colo., is fourth (12.6 average years between collisions), and Madison, Wis. (12.18) ranks as the fifth safest driving city.

Baltimore ranks as the least safe city for driving when factoring in population density, with 4.19 average years between collisions for drivers.

Other cities among the worst places to drive include Washington, D.C (4.36 average years), Worcester, Mass. (5.14), Boston (4.89), and Glendale, Calif. (5.31), in the top five.

Allstate also announced that the company is offering $150,000 in grants to communities across the nation. The grants will be used for safety improvement projects slated specifically to address hazards on what Allstate has identified as America’s 15 Riskiest Roads.

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