Denso Launches Smart Mobility in Ohio

Photo via Pixabay.

Denso announced it is investing $1.42 million to launch a Smart Mobility Ecosystem to enhance transportation in Dublin, Ohio. The project will test and implement infrastructure technologies across several city municipalities.

The goal is to create mobility services and gather data to increase road and pedestrian safety while reducing travel times. According to Denso, this initiative is part of an ongoing policy to create new value for advanced mobility and expand software-based solutions to new customers and businesses.

The initiative involves the use of wireless devices, cloud computing and a network of sensors, cameras, and data to make transportation safer, more sustainable, and efficient for those in transit on and around roadways. Such technologies work to collect real-time traffic data, measurement of transportation patterns, identification of new economic opportunities, optimized governance, and proactive responses to potential issues and crises.

Denso is currently working with the City of Dublin, Ohio State University, Connected Signals, DERQ USA, and No Traffic to implement its smart mobility ecosystem.