-  Photo via Flikr.

Photo via Flikr. 

Amazon.es recently partnered with ALD Automotive to launch a car leasing option through a new online store ‘Motors’. The store allows customers to obtain a vehicle from a range of brands with no initial deposit, free doorstep delivery, and a 30-day return policy.

Leasing packages are available for either 36 or 48 months and include service and maintenance, insurance, tire replacement, breakdown assistance, vehicle registration, and excess mileage buffer

Customers pick their vehicles online and are directed to ALD Automotive’s online leasing platform. There customers are required to complete a credit check and sign the contract. ALD then schedules delivery and manages the leasing agreement. The entire process is done online. Once, customers are ready to renew their contract they just go online and exchange their vehicle for a new one.

The new store aims to make car leasing seamless and straightforward for those looking to have “the car of their choice without the hassle of owning it.”

Customers can visit www.amazon.es/motors for more information.