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Photo via pxhere.com.

A San Francisco lawmaker has introduced a bill that provides funding to triple the rebate for drivers who purchase zero-emission vehicles.

Assemblyman Phil Ting believes his bill, AB1046, will provide a greater incentive for Californians to make the transition while putting the state on track to meet its goals to combat climate change, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dan Sperling, a member of the Air Resources Board and founding director at the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the lack of funding for the incentive program is problematic.

As a result, most car dealers won’t even mention the incentive programs to customers because they don’t know if customers will ever actually see the money, Sperling said.

Ting’s bill would boost rebates now and reduce them down the road. Currently, the program rebate is a flat $2,500 for full-battery electric vehicles. Ting believes this structure offers no incentive to make the transition now as opposed to later.

Once guidelines become standard, buyers of electric and hydrogen-fuel-cell cars could receive up to $7,500 per vehicle.