<p>Renovo initially created Insight to speed its own development of autonomous safety platforms that power AV fleets today.</p>[|CREDIT|]<p><em>Photo via Depositphotos.</em></p>

Renovo, a global autonomous vehicle software company, today announced the launch of Insight — a data management and orchestration platform for developing autonomous and ADAS products.

Insight offers AV/ADAS companies an edge over their competition, allowing them to develop features faster and decreasing their time to market. Insight enables automotive companies to quickly index and tag unstructured data from their development fleets, query the most important insights, and automatically deliver them to distributed engineering teams ten times faster than any other approach.

Insight is designed to empower companies that are addressing the massive current economic opportunities of a global ADAS market, which is expected to hit $70.4 billion in 2024, and a wider AV industry projected to reach a massive $800 billion in 2035.

Individual vehicles can generate terabytes of data every day. It can take days or even weeks for critical information needed by developers and data scientists to be identified and made available. Insight speeds up this cycle by sorting, tagging, and delivering a company’s most critical data to whomever needs it most.

Insight represents a data revolution for AV/ADAS development, one that is estimated to ultimately save more than 580,000 lives between 2035 and 2045.

Renovo initially created Insight to speed its own development of autonomous safety platforms that power AV fleets today.

Insight benefits from nearly a decade of experience developing the world’s most advanced automotive and software systems. With the public release of Insight, this technology platform is now available to customer ADAS and AV programs worldwide.

As with all Renovo products, Insight is open to the Renovo Ecosystem, which consists of dozens of technology solutions from the world’s best AV technology providers. The Ecosystem’s most recent addition, Seagate, joins a list of companies that include: Samsung, Verizon, HERE, Velodyne LiDAR, Parsons, INRIX, and Argus Cyber Security.