Through its first U.S.-based eCUV partnership – with Tropos Motors – Panasonic is accelerating...

Through its first U.S.-based eCUV partnership – with Tropos Motors – Panasonic is accelerating the “right-sizing” trend with its electrification and connectivity solutions

Photo via Tropos Motor 

Panasonic, in partnership with Tropos Motors, will bring advanced levels of connectivity, efficiency and performance to compact commercial vehicles.

Panasonic is at the forefront of smart transportation development. “Right-sizing trend” is a new initiative which acknowledges the idea that commercial vehicles can be smaller with very few compromises but with a lot of added benefits.

“Our focus is on helping fleets to right-size their vehicles and use a smaller vehicle for a larger job. Our goal is to evolve the levels of technology beyond where they have been for over the last 40-plus years,” said John Bautista, founder and CEO of Tropos Technologies. “We’re looking at offering higher levels of performance, capability, connectivity to bring more value to a fleet owner.”

Through their Able platform, Tropos provides a line up of electric vehicles. Models are designed for utility and versatility while keeping environmental concerns and safety at the forefront. Vehicles vary in applications, ranging from emergency services to facilities, agriculture, and last-mile cargo delivery.

Electric compact utility vehicles (eCUV) come with a lower purchase price and reduced cost of operation and maintenance. This in turn means quicker return on investment. Tropos Motors’ eCUV, The Able, offers unparalleled versatility combined with superior payload and towing capabilities with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.