ARI has scheduled the dates and locations for its 2019 Canadian Fleet Forum events, which will start on May 30 in Toronto at Angus Glen Golf Club. Additional events are planned for Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver later in the year.

The events will feature ARI's executive leadership team sharing their insight about several of the fleet management company's strategic initiatives, including its customer experience initiative.

"This year, we're really focusing on two main themes — technology that makes a fleet driver's job easier and a high level look at the fleet trends you should prepare in 2020," said Geoff Seely, vice president and general manager of ARI Canada. "Our Canadian fleet forums are an exceptional opportunity to share information and knowledge between leaders from a variety of industries. We end up with thought-provoking discussions that drive new and innovative fleet management solutions."

The Toronto forum will feature several leading Canadian journalists exploring key public policy issues that will help attendees better understand how these topics may influence fleet operations, according to ARI. The panel includes Paul Wells, Maclean senior writer; Althia Raj, the Huffington Post's Ottawa bureau chief; and Andrew Coyne, a National Post columnist.

The journalists will share their perspectives with more than 200 fleet and procurement professionals from across Canada.