HERE Technologies, Inc. will begin offering a data product that will provide up-to-date information about mobile network performance in 196 countries that would help fleet and telematics providers, the company announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

HERE Cellular Signals provides a radio map drawn from aggregated cell and Wi-Fi traces and GPS coordinates from more than 250 million connected devices globally. HERE technology helps the devices locate themselves on the network and determine the strength of the signal.

While the product is designed for the wireless industry, it should also find application in the development of connected vehicles and telematics providers. The product should help telematics providers improve the routing capabilities they provide to fleets, said Aaron Mayfield, HERE's senior product manager of map content.

"HERE Cellular Signals allows fleet and telematic providers the ability to predict the connectivity of their vehicles and devices on the open road," said Mayfield. "Integrating an understanding of available cellular providers, the bandwidth and signal strength across a route will allow for better planning of communications between driver and dispatch."

The product could also be used by a fleet to select a wireless provider, he said.

"Data caching can be optimized, allowing for better management of data transfers over the cellular network that can be initiated when the bandwidth and signal strength best matches the requirement of the telematic solution," Mayfield said. "Fleet and telematic companies can also analyze the available cellular providers, their coverage and available bandwidths, providing insight into the best cellular carrier. With the emergence of 5G, it is expected that more complex connected fleet and telematic solutions will emerge, making the choice of carrier and the management of cellular data connection even more critical."

Customers who purchase the data set recieve it in the FGDB (File Geodatabase) format.

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