French multinational energy services provider Schneider Electric plans to offer fleet management services for companies and agencies considering adding electrified vehicles to their fleet with funding from its new fund, Schneider Electric Ventures.

The fund will invest between 300 and 500 million euros on three projects in 2019 that would provide "innovations that will make a major contribution to future sustainability and energy efficiency," reports Automation World.

One of the projects includes eIQ Mobility, a newly founded company that will offer "electric fleet as a service" to large commercial fleets to accelerate electric mobility at scale, according to the company. eIQ Mobility launched in July.

"We believe that the traditional fleet planning and decision process is broken for electric fleets because it requires information about infrastructure, facilities, utilities and rates, incentives, policy, new vehicle costs, different insurance, etc., and this information is difficult to collect and analyze," wrote CEO Sila Kiliccote in a blog post. "In addition, the planning process is tedious, time consuming and requires multi-disciplinary knowledge. So fleet executives alone cannot plan, iterate and optimize EV fleet deployments.

The company will offer EValuate, a cloud-based analysis and planning platform for fleet executives considering adding electrified vehicles to their fleets.

The eIQ Mobility executive team includes Kiliccote, who comes from Stanford and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, as well as Yann Kulp, VP of business development; Daniel Thompson, VP of operations; and Jason Lien, VP of product.

Between now and 2022, automakers are expected to introduce 207 new electrified models. By 2024, they should cost about the same as comparable gasoline models. By 2023, investors will have spent $255 billion on charging infrastructure. Also, battery prices have fallen nearly 80% since 2010, according to the company.

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