Madison is purchasing 20 Bolt electric cars.

Madison is purchasing 20 Bolt electric cars.

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The City of Madison, Wis., will invest in 20 electric vehicles (EVs) partially funded by a state grant, The Badger Herald reported.

The city requested $129,300 in grants to cover the incremental cost of purchasing 20 plug-in EVs (Chevrolet Bolts) to replace aging sedans. The grant application stated that the city expects savings of $174,000 in fuel costs and $130,000 in maintenance costs over the 10-year life of the EVs. Even without grant funding, the city expects to recover the higher upfront cost of the EVs in 4.24 years.

The prices of gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel have been increasing, “causing a significant negative impact to the Fleet Service operating budget,” city staffers wrote on the application. “The grant would reduce the city’s dependence on the fluctuating fossil fuel market and offset some of its budget implications.”

The vehicles will also help the city comply with its goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy. Transitioning 20 sedans to renewable fuels will save 90,000 gallons of gasoline over 10 years and prevent the emission 1,200 tons of greenhouse gases.

Madison Gas & Electric will contribute $10,000 to cover the cost of Level 2 chargers for the city’s EVs. The Badger Herald reported that city gets the majority of its energy from MGE, which has purchased a wind farm and has conducted a solar pilot project.

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