Volkswagen's Electrify America will spend $2.7 million on an education and outreach campaign about zero-emission vehicles by working with California community groups in low-income areas, the group has announced.

"We believe collaborating with these community-based organizations will raise awareness that ZEVs can affordably meet most consumers’ mobility needs today," said Richard Steinberg, senior director of marketing, communications and green cities at Electrify America. "The gap between the perceived and actual affordability of ZEVs appears to be significant, and it presents an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation within California's low-income and disadvantaged communities about the benefits of ZEVs."

The organizations collaborating with Electrify America on this initiative include Valley Clean Air Now, Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment, Chinese Newcomers Service Center, Self Help for the Elderly, Liberty Hill Foundation and GRID Alternatives. More than 75 non-profit, private and public entities from across California were invited to submit proposals.

Electrify America uses definitions for low-income communities and disadvantaged communities established by the state of California, which are published and mapped by the California Air Resources Board.

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