Many fleet organizations today understand the major benefits of a fuel management system; however, taking the first step towards investing in a fuel system is often a difficult step to take.

While there are many benefits with a fuel system, not all organizations are ready to invest.

Read through the following questions and keep track of your answers to see if your organization is ready for a new fuel system:

  • Are your current fuelings tracked via paper or clipboard? Yes or no.
  • Do you have concerns with operators fueling their personal vehicles? Yes or no.
  • Do you wish you could receive real-time notifications of tank levels? Yes or no.
  • Are you interested in knowing the actual MPG of your fleet? Yes or no.
  • Do your drivers pass the nozzle from one vehicle to another? Yes or no.
  • Would capturing valid odometer readings while fueling benefit your current operations? Yes or no.

If you answered YES to four or more of these questions, then it’s time to think about investing in an integrated fuel management software system.

With an integrated system, you can expect to see many benefits, including:

Improved data accuracy

Integrating your fleet and fuel management systems ensure that your data is captured in real-time at the pump, and all of that data flows directly into your fleet system. By reducing manual data entry or information existing in silos, you can rest easy knowing that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

Reduced fuel costs

Does lowering your fuel costs sound too good to be true? Through increased security, precise data for billing and less fueling errors, you can save up to 15% in fuel consumption with an automated fuel management system!

Reduced fraud and abuse

Fuel theft and abuse aren’t uncommon in the fleet industry. To ensure that your drivers are fueling their vehicles properly, you should invest in a fuel system to verify that they’re fueling the right vehicles at the right station at the right time.

Improved environmental impact

You shouldn’t have to choose between saving the environment and saving your budget. With a fuel management solution, you can measure and secure your fuel, so you won’t waste fuel or your budget dollars. Some effective fuel systems even have options for alternative fuels, so your fleet can go green without seeing red.