Screenshot via AAA.

Screenshot via AAA.

When you're behind the wheel, what you see — and what you don't see — can mean the difference between a safe ride or a sudden collision. That's why properly setting your mirrors to minimize blind spots is critically important.

However, it's not unusual to fall into the habit of incorrectly positioning mirrors. For example, many drivers will position their mirrors to show a large expanse of the side of their own car. This limits the field of view of the side mirrors.

Here are four simple steps experts suggest for setting mirrors for greater driver safety:

Make sure your driver's seat is positioned where you want it.

Set the left side mirror by leaning left, resting your head against the closed window and positioning the mirror to just barely show the edge of your vehicle.

Set the center mirror by making sure you can see the entire rear window or as much as possible.

Set the right side mirror by leaning right so that your head is directly below the rear view mirror, then, position the right side mirror to just barely show the edge of your vehicle.

With correctly positioned mirrors you will have a more panoramic view of what is going on behind and beside your vehicle. Every car behind you — three lanes wide — should be visible.

Some experts advise that in addition, it is always smart to take a quick look over one's left shoulder before making a lane change.

Properly positioned mirrors can go a long way in reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities on the road. To watch the video from AAA, click here.