Logo: WEX

Logo: WEX

WEX Inc. has launched ClearView Snap, the next evolution of its ClearView data analytics platform that offers fleet managers and administrators emailed insights into fleet expenses.

ClearView Snap, the third member of the ClearView family, provides dashboard-based views in the form of charts and graphs. Snap provides a solution for smaller fleets, and joins ClearView Essentials, a business intelligence and machine learning platform, as well as ClearView Advanced, which adds fuel price optimization and messaging and campaign management functionality.

ClearView Snap push reports highlight areas of risky behaviors, depict purchasing trends over time, and identify specific drivers who exhibit non-compliant behaviors, such as irregular spending.

"By flagging areas of concern, ClearView Snap will enable fleets to address mishaps at early stages, helping protect their businesses from potential losses and long term problems," said Kurt Thearling, vice president of analytics for WEX. "We're thrilled that we've been able to continue to enhance this powerful tool that has already provided ease of use and peace of mind to our customers."

WEX partnered with its customers to pilot ClearView Snap, gathering feedback and input into what fleet managers and operators need from their reporting tools. WEX will begin incorporating ClearView Snap into its entire suite of fleet industry products beginning in June.