Photo of Drivesafe system courtesy of Solotech.

Photo of Drivesafe system courtesy of Solotech.

Solotech, Inc. of Allendale, N.J., is introducing a driver behavior monitoring camera system through Kickstarter in a campaign that begins April 18.

The Drivesafe Camera combines facial recognition technology, a video analytic algorithm, and advanced driver assistance system that detects hazardous driving behaviors such as drowsiness and distractions to alert the driver.

"I helped to build a driver behavior system in the fleet industry few years ago which significantly reduced accident rates to save lives and money," said Jay Kim, CEO of Solotech. "But the system was too expensive and complicated to be available to consumers. The Drivesafe Camera system is a consumerized version that is affordable and easy to install."

The Drivesafe Camera has two camera systems. A driver-side camera uses facial recognition technology to monitor the movements of a driver's eyelids and sends out warning signals when driver drowsiness is detected.

A front-side camera sends signals when it detects any vehicle movement in lanes as a lane departure warning, and when it senses the vehicle being too close to the car in front as a forward collsion warning.