VIDEO: Navigating Around Bicycles

Many drivers get frustrated when they encounter cyclists on the road. Cyclists sometimes behave unpredictably, ignore basic traffic laws, and ride at night without lights or neon attire. 

However, motorists need to bear in mind that cyclists have a legal right to the road. As a driver, showing respect and courtesy when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists can help cut down on accidents and even save lives.

Experts offer the following advice for driving safely with and around cyclists:

  • Keep a sharp lookout for cyclists: Cyclists may suddenly appear as you round a bend or descend a hill.
  • Provide ample passing room and slow down: When passing a cyclist, slow down to a safe speed and allow at least three feet or more of space when overtaking them.
  • When making turns, look carefully and use your turn signal: Even if you don't see a cyclist, they will see you and know which direction you plan to go.
  • Never tailgate a cyclist: It's disrespectful and very dangerous.
  • Avoid honking your horn unless absolutely necessary: The sudden noise can startle a cyclist and may cause them to fall.

To learn more about best practices when driving amidst cyclists, watch the above video that's hosted by a bicycle attorney.