LeasePlan USA has introduced a new feature within the MyLeasePlan mobile app. The feature, called OneScore, is designed to help drivers get feedback on driving styles to improve on potentially risky and inefficient behavior on the roads.

OneScore uses data analytics from LeasePlan driving scoring algorithms. These were particularly developed to provide drivers direct visibility into their driving behavior. The insight enables them to adjust their behavior with the use of gamification right at the core of the MyLeasePlan mobile app.

"The OneScore function within the MyLeasePlan app creates awareness and accountability regarding driver behavior. Plus, it measures more than just safety," said Kristofer Bush vice president of marketing at LeasePlan USA. "The app gives drivers personalized feedback on three key areas: safety, efficiency and compliance. It presents a comprehensive driver score along with information on how to improve. This technology brings new insight to drivers, and we are only just getting started."

LeasePlan has committed to continued enhancements within MyLeasePlan and OneScore as a part of the company's transformation to what's next. This newly introduced technology looks to create benefit for clients by promoting safety, controlling costs and reinforcing policies. LeasePlan USA clients can expect to see additional functionality within OneScore in the future as the company continues to expand upon data integration and gamification capabilities.

"OneScore is a game changer for our clients," said Greg Buckland, chief information officer at LeasePlan USA. "Since its introduction, beta users have seen improvements in driver behavior in the form of more efficient driving habits, more timely maintenance services and even friendly competition. This data-driven technology is well on its way to transforming the safety and compliance aspect of fleets and is a great platform for future big data impacts on driver behavior."

LeasePlan's client-wide launch of OneScore will provide access to this unique technology for all enrolling clients. The MyLeasePlan application, which hosts OneScore, is available for iOS and Android devices.