<p><em>Photo of Cruise AV's autonomous roof hardware courtesy of GM.</em></p>

General Motors will begin building production-ready models of its Cruise AV autonomous vehicle at its Orion Township assembly plant with an intent to begin selling it in 2019. The vehicle can operate with no driver, steering wheel, pedals, or manual controls.

GM has been building autonomous versions of its Chevrolet Bolt EV as research vehicles for testing in downtown San Francisco. The company has built more than 200 vehicles so far. The production-ready models will be the fourth generation of the fully autonomous model.

Additionally, General Motors will build roof modules at its Battery Assembly Plant in Brownstown, Mich. The modules integrate LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and other hardware. General Motors is investing $100 million to upgrade both plants.

Workers at the Orion plant now assemble the Bolt EV and Chevrolet Sonic.