Photo via  Ed Poor /Wikimedia.

Photo via Ed Poor/Wikimedia.

FleetWatch Systems and LifeSaver have teamed up to launch Cell Restrict, a simplified smartphone prevention app for distracted driving. The new tool allows fleet managers to monitor cell phone use and ensure that their companies' driving safety policies are being properly followed.

Cell Restrict is an app platform that discourages commercial drivers from talking, texting, emailing, posting to social media, surfing the web, and engaging in other distracted behaviors while behind the wheel.

Cell Restrict can work with company or personal vehicles. Through an online dashboard, fleet managers can customize the distracted driving policy for their employees, drivers, or clients and attain reports and feedback on driver behavior and performance.

The tool also provides detailed daily or weekly updates on a driver's distraction performance. Fleet managers can customize the scoring for their fleets as needed, and easily recognize when driving improves and inappropriate device usage behind the wheel diminishes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that one in 10 traffic fatalities are caused by distracted driving.

"Making or receiving cell phone calls can take any driver's attention off the road with sometimes tragic results," said FleetWatch principal Darryl Tolentino. "No less than 38% of calls made to our 1-800 call center are reporting commercial drivers who are distracted by their phones, so we know this is a real problem."