Photo courtesy of Tritium.

Photo courtesy of Tritium.

Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure solutions developer, Tritium, has opened its European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to support the global growth of its fast-charging solutions.

Tritium’s strategic development plan includes the service, support, sales, training and manufacturing of its electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging solutions, according to Tritium. At the facility, Tritium is able to offer comprehensive and confidential testing facilities for any automotive vehicle.

The new facility will also act as the center for its sales program across the territory and will house a training and accreditation unit so technical servicing and customer support.

Tritium is a major supplier of fast chargers in this region, and has retained 20% of the west Europe market since the launch of its Veefil 50kW DC range fast charger in 2013, according to Tritium. It has supplied over 50% of the DC fast charging units operational in Norway and is looking to develop its sales further in regions such as Germany, the U.K., France, BeNeLux and Scandinavia, where its  Veefil fast-chargin station is already installed on charging highways and in city centers.

“The opening of this facility represents a major investment and commitment to the European market, and it’s in direct response to increased demand for our products and services from this region,” said Jeroen Jonker, Tritium GM - Sales Europe.