Donlen has released a new order management system through its FleetWeb fleet management platform that streamlines vehicle ordering, the company announced.

The order management system provides fleet professionals with full visibility to each stage of the vehicle ordering process from when the order is placed to when the vehicle is delivered to its driver.

Donlen already provides its customers with a platform to submit vehicle orders. However, with the new order management system, Bannockburn, Ill.-based company is providing multiple new functions inside the order management system that will streamline vehicle ordering.

It will reduce the amount of time it takes customers to obtain approval for an order through their organization and simplifying the overall process.

"Besides being a completely customizable platform, there are three major components to the new ordering system," said Cindy Gomez, Donlen's vice president of vehicle acquisitions. "Customers will be able to use the ordering tool to choose from a wide variety of selector creation options and upfit packages, utilize the all-new order approval function to obtain internal order approvals more quickly, and use a first-of-its-kind bailment pool management system integrated with the overarching order management platform to manage bailment pool fleet vehicles."