Photo of myBuick app courtesy of General Motors.

Photo of myBuick app courtesy of General Motors.

Buick will begin offering a new mobile app its pairing with its Buick Smart Driver driver monitoring service called myBuick that will allow retail drivers to monitor their driving habits in a similar way to commercial drivers.

The optional service, which will use OnStar data, is similar to app-based telematics systems and coaching offered to commercial fleet managers for their drivers.

With myBuick, drivers can monitor hard braking, hard acceleration, high-speed driving percentage, late-night driving percentage, total miles driven, average mpg and mph, and tips about how to become a smarter driver. The app will assign an overall score.

The app will allow users to use their positive driving behaviors to help them qualify for insurance discounts. Buick Smart Driver allows users to see if they qualify without revealing personal information to insurance companies.