Donlen has released a recall management tool called Recall Insight that helps fleet professionals actively manage open recalls and work with their drivers to address recalls from manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company announced.

Recall Insight provides a comprehensive platform to identify open and or closed recalls that can be sorted by campaigns as well as individual vehicles affected by recalls, according to the fleet management company. Using this platform, Donlen customers can filter recall campaigns by severity ratings and campaign status to prioritize the highest risk recalls. They can then take action as soon as OEMs announce that they are ready to perform recall repairs.

Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Photo courtesy of Donlen.

"Recall Insight comes with industry-leading features and benefits that are not offered in the fleet management industry today," said Oliver Zerhusen, Donlen's vice president of maintenance/accident products and supplier management. "By screening more than 50 OEM and NHTSA recall databases on a daily basis, we provide comprehensive recall information for our customer's entire fleet."

Donlen customers will be able to access recall information through Donlen's FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite where they can view the progress of recall completion across their entire fleet by each open recall campaign so they don't have to check multiple OEM/NHTSA websites for recall campaign progress and individual vehicle recall repair completion status.