Photo via The Blue Diamond Gallery.

Photo via The Blue Diamond Gallery.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a Compliance Assistance Program to help regulated entities comply with safety regulations mandated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FVMSS).

The new program offers a direct channel of communication between commercial entities and NHTSA and is free of charge.

NHTSA's Compliance Assistance Program is a resource for all regulated entities that sell vehicles or motor vehicle equipment including vehicle and trailer manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and dealers. The goal of the program is to help ensure that those in the industry — especially new entrants and small manufacturers — have access to information and tools to fully understand and comply with their federal obligations.  

Presently, NHTSA tests and monitors a variety of vehicle components — air bags, brakes, tires, seat belts, child seats and headlights — to ensure they meet the stringent standards of FMVSS. NHTSA's Office of the Chief Counsel issues interpretations on various legal issues. Drawing on this expertise, NHTSA's compliance assistance program is poised to provide regulated entities, such as current and prospective manufacturers, with the education and informal guidance they need to be successful in their compliance efforts.

"NHTSA seeks to promote safety through proactive and responsive engagement. In addition to vigilant enforcement, NHTSA also serves as a federal resource that small and large manufacturers can contact for guidance on federal regulations," said Heidi King, NHTSA's deputy administrator. "A transparent partnership with manufacturers assures the development of safe, reliable vehicles and equipment."

To participate in the compliance assistance program, regulated entities can contact NHTSA at [email protected].