ARI will offer its fleet clients WEX Millennium Platform, a platform that allows real-time authorization data, increased control over transactions, and the ability to create multiple fuel profiles with different parameters, the fleet management company has announced.

The new platform, which is powered by fuel card provider WEX, Inc., offers organizations greater clarity into their fuel expenses and enhanced control over their fuel spend, according to ARI.

"ARI is proud to be the first fleet management company to integrate with WEX on this new platform," said Frank Carbone, vice president of global product management. "This new platform will empower our clients and provide them with the data, insight, and tools they need to meaningfully manage their fuel expenses."

The platform will be fully integrated with the ARI insights fleet management system and offer several enhancements, including the ability to create flexible card profiles with different parameters. Companies can set daily, weekly, or monthly dollar transaction limits as well as limits based on the time of day. Companies can also set limits based on product categories. Restrictions allow users to limit the use to outside payment terminals and shut off a fuel pump after a set dollar amount.

The platform also provides access to real-time authorization data and allows companies to move a card to a temporary profile that can help if a driver is stuck at a station with a pump that has exceeded transaction or dollar limits. Additionally, the new system allows for the transfer of cards across profiles, which can also be helpful in emergency situations. This kind of flexibility will help companies manage their fuel transactions more efficiently.

Current clients on the WEX Classic platform will transition to Millennium when their fuel cards are up for renewal.