Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Photo courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen has released a fleet safety solution called the Donlen Risk Center that offers HR leaders, environmental health and safety officers, and fleet managers an aggregated, real-time view of vehicle data and driver behavior from one provider, the fleet management company announced.

The solution provides proactive insights and actionable steps to reduce accident rates, improve overall fleet safety, and reduce risk exposure, according to Donlen.

The Donlen Risk Center allows customers to monitor individual driver and fleet performance, and predictive analytics provide actionable recommendations to prevent risky behavior in their fleet. It aggregates safety and operating data on driver motor vehicle record (MVR) results, accident history, violations, fuel, maintenance, safety training, and telematics infractions.

Based on a 36-month driver history of the aforementioned risk data, drivers are assigned a risk level from A through D in order to pinpoint high-risk drivers and automatically assign safety training if necessary.

"Donlen is focused on reducing accident rates to help drivers get home safely, and the Donlen Risk Center compiles all fleet risk information for drivers, providing fleet professionals with valuable insights to improve the safety of their fleets," said Elizabeth Rossiter, director of telematics and safety products.

With the Donlen Risk Center, a fleet's risk information can be accessed through a dashboard within Donlen's FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite, which eliminates the need for multiple systems and manual data manipulation and analysis.