Photo of 2017-MY pickups courtesy of manufacturers.

Photo of 2017-MY pickups courtesy of manufacturers.

Sales of vehicles to commercial fleets from nine manufactures increased 21.2% to 54,402 in January as truck and car sales registered strong gains from a year ago. Sales of trucks, vans, and SUVs increased 21.2% to 47,490, while sales of passenger cars increased 11.6% to 6,912, according to Automotive Fleet data.

Sales to government fleets from five manufacturers fell 4.8% to 17,131 for the month with truck sales decreasing 5.1% to 14,330 and car sales falling 2.9% to 2,801.

Daily rental sales from the nine manufacturers fell 11.1% to 124,424 units with a 20% decrease in car sales to 51,220 units and a 3.5% decrease in truck-based sales to 73,204 units.

For all three segments, fleet sales in January fell 3.4% versus January of 2017 to 195,957 units with a 16.7% decrease to 60,933 units in car sales and a 4.2% increase to 135,024 units in truck-based sales.