Rotary Lift's SPO12 two-post lift is designed to accommodate high-roof commercial vans with an extended height option. The extended height option increases the lift's overall height by three feet.

The setup is made for lifting large vehicles up to and including Class 3 work trucks and vans. The extended height option is available for both the standard and Shockwave SPO12 models.

The SPO12 uses a symmetric design that keeps the vehicle’s center of gravity between the columns for better stability. The SPO12 is equipped with three-stage arms and adjustable frame contact adapters to reach a wider range of manufacturer recommended pick-up points. It also features lightweight aluminum stackable adapter inserts for easier set up.

When equipped with the Shockwave technology, the SPO12 EH3 can raise a vehicle 80 inches in 25 seconds or lower it in 19 seconds. Positioning the Shockwave model is also made easier with a Spotline laser spotting guide. The Spotline guide projects a green line into the middle of the bay allowing a technician to line up the middle of the vehicle hood or dash with the laser line and the lift’s columns.

In addition to the added height for a high roof model, the extended height SPO12-SW EH3 lift also provides an additional three inches of rise for more workspace under the vehicle.