Minimizer introduced a 18-inch poly tool box that is significantly lighter than metal and fits into many tighter-fit places on trucks and truck chassis, according to the manufacturer.

The sleeker tool box design allows for a variety of applications for use on truck, trailer, and off-highway vehicles.

Minimizer poly-toolboxes are made of solid molded plastic materials that never rust, crack or need paint and weighs only 22.8 pounds.

The smaller profile tool box measures 18” x 24” x 18” and is a new addition to the already popular Minimizer 24” and 36” tool boxes. Its flexible design fits a truck’s underbody or chassis.

With less space near the lift gate, the Minimizer 18” tool box is designed to fit a tight space and house liftgate controls which helps to reduce maintenance and liftgate failure. It provides a right-to-left door orientation for the driver’s side.