The new Hofmann monty 8600 Tire Changer helps reduce the chance of injury from handling heavy tires and wheels. When using the new Hofmann monty 8600 leverless tire changer, service technicians maintain an upright and ergonomic body position, which provides the benefits of reducing technician fatigue, reducing the possibility of injury due to lifting and reducing the possibility of wheel damage due to manually handling heavy assemblies.   

Avoiding the possibility of tire and wheel damage during the demounting and mounting process is one of the most important considerations for any shop. The premium features of the monty 8600 are all designed with this in mind.  Featuring center wheel clamping for precise wheel centering combined with electronically synchronized rotating dual-disc bead breakers with servo drive; tire beads are broken effortlessly with precise force.

For tire demounting, a laser pointer indicates precise tool positioning and a leverless de-mounting tool lifts the tire bead over the wheel rim edge for easy removal without damage to the tire bead or the wheel edge.  Shop productivity is enhanced with a two speed turntable. Seven and 14 rpm turntable rotation shortens the de-mount and mounting process. Performing more tire changes this efficiently can provide a great boost to shop productivity and the bottom line.

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