STEVENSVILLE, MD – The Stertil-Koni heavy-duty two post lift series is a high premium lift. ALI standards (ALI/ALCTV2006) call for 50/50 distribution loads on each arm. Stertil-Koni exceeds those standards and each is able to handle a distribution load of 2/3 - 1/3. No expense was spared in making this series nearly immune to wear. The SK 2070 model has a capacity of 16,000 lbs. and the SK 2082 has a capacity of 18,000 lbs. In addition to the unique engineering design, the following features characterize these lifts.

  • Versatility: Width between columns can be adjusted from 110" to 126". Combination of open floor construction and no overhead lines or connections allow maximum flexibility.
  • Safety: The Stertil-KONI two post lift series is the safest in the industry.
    • Microprocessor - driven control system combined with potentiometer make this the most technologically advanced in the industry
    • High molecular synthetic roller system with 6 rollers per column (self-lubricating) enhance operating stability of the system. Rollers come with a lifetime warranty and are virtually indestructible.
    • Low voltage (24 volt) control system
    • Unique patented mechancial lock operates independently of lifting drive and is always engaged. Lock is gravity-activated and, unlike our competitors, never uses springs which can distort, rust or degrade over time.
    • Automatic arm locking ensure accurate positioning. Arms are automatically unlocked at the lowest postion.
    • Automatic cutout to prevent the lifting arms from "exceeding" maximum height is standard
    • Hose burst valves are incorporated into each piston to prevent unforeseen lowering.
    • Integrated overpressure valves for protection against overload is standard within each unit
  • Hydraulic Lifting System: Unlike many imports used by our competitors, Stertil-Koni never compromises with safety, convenience or utility. Stertil-Koni never uses slack chains, pulleys, levers, spindles or nuts. The latter save money for the manufacturers, but can lead to wear and therefore compromise safety. Stertil-Koni incorporates a full-size hydraulic cylinder in every post. All of our hydraulic systems are tested for 50,000 lifting cycles under maximum load.
  • Telescopic Lifting Arms: These arms are designed to facilitate lifting light vans (SK2070AB and SK2082 models) . Dual telescopic lifting arms are also available (model SK 2070A) for extra - long vehicles with long wheelbases, such as the Freightliner Sprinter and Dodge Sprinter.


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