MIDDLETOWN, PA – J & D Company, LLC has engineered a solution for storing and retrieving Commercial Tires ergonomically while maximizing unused vertical shop space. J & D Company, LLC announces the release of the Commercial Tire Vertical Carousel.

The footprint of the Commercial Tire Vertical Carousel can fit an 8’ x 10’ area. The carousel can hold up to 108 Commercial Tires. The Commercial Tire Vertical Carousel takes advantage of unused vertical shop space by taking the Commercial Tires vertically and eliminating stacking and providing efficient, ergonomically safe, tire handling.

The Commercial Tire Vertical Carousel is a new product, designed by the engineering department at J & D Company, LLC. The carousel features 12 sprockets, allowing for the depth needed for Commercial Tires. The unit is simple to operate and one person can load and unload commercial tires using a manual pneumatic lift cart.

When you need a low-cost provider that offers the ability to organize, secure, pull-off, rotate, measure, cut or maximize your floor space, J & D Company, LLC has the capability to meet your needs.

J & D Company, LLC can be found on the web at www.jdstorage.com or through electronic mail at info@jdstorage.com – contact Ron Gudinas, Sales Manager at (717) 891-6972 (ron.gudinas@jdstorage.com) for sales inquiries.