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Fleet FAQ

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Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics

July 14, 2017

Q. I already have a GPS fleet tracking solution with which I am completely satisfied. Does a solution exist that simply satisfies the log book requirements?

A. Not every GPS/telematics system is available with an ELD or AOBRD solution, but Fleetmatics does offer one that can be bundled with its Fleetmatics REVEAL™ GPS fleet tracking solution. Bundling Fleetmatics LogBook, which is an AOBRD solution, with Fleetmatics REVEAL can help fleets meet the ELD Mandate deadline, and take advantage of all the benefits of a telematics solution. Other benefits of bundling include: cutting implementation and equipment costs, lessening the learning curve, buying time by speeding up the ability of the fleet to comply and by having a provider who will upgrade its system with a simple software update well before the December 2019 deadline for upgrading an AOBRD.

Expert Bio

Answered by : Erin Cave from Verizon Connect

Vice President of Product Management, Verizon Connect

Erin Cave is the Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Connect.

Erin Cave is the Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Connect.


Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics, Questions?

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Q. What is an AOBRD?

A. An automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) is an electronic, electric, or electromechanical device that can accurately record a driver’s...

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