Bobit Business Media is launching the all-new Global Fleet Management Conference, which will be held Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Phoenix. We are partnered with Nexus Communication, the publisher of Fleet Europe magazine, to produce the new Global Fleet Management Conference, which will alternate between North America (2013) and the European Union (2014). 

The idea of a global fleet conference has resonated with fleet managers of the world’s largest multinational organizations, who have global and/or regional fleet responsibilities. To identify the real-world issues of global fleet management, we have gathered some of the brightest minds in fleet management in both North America and Europe to help develop the agenda for this ground-breaking conference. (Click on this link to view our U.S. and European advisory board members.)

Why You Should Attend

I've been covering the fleet management industry for the past 27 years. Over this period, my travels have allowed to me to witness fleet management practices not only in North America, but elsewhere in the world. There are dramatic differences from the U.S. fleet market. For instance, about half of the fleet vehicles operated in Asia are two-wheelers, particularly in India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan.

Similarly, the European fleet market, which is the world's largest fleet market, is tremendously complex, comprised of 27 countries with differing regulations, tax schemes, and OEM preferences, with fleet vehicles tied to employment contracts.

The Global Fleet Management Conference in Phoenix is designed to provide fleet managers with an opportunity to network and learn from other fleet managers of the world’s largest multinational fleets. This invaluable networking opportunity will allow you to learn from your peers about best practices in managing a global or multinational fleet. In addition, the conference will provide a venue to network with key representatives from major global fleet management companies, fleet suppliers, and OEMs.

Below are some of the fleet manager feedback we have received about the upcoming Global Fleet Management Conference in Phoenix.

“Attending the Global Fleet Management Conference is an excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate with other fleet managers. The knowledge and experience available at the conference, from the number of managers responsible for multinational fleets, will provide the greatest opportunity to learn about global fleet management and cannot be missed,” said Keith Scolan, manager, global fleet for ITW - Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Another key attraction of the upcoming Global Fleet Management Conference in Phoenix is the networking opportunities.

“Global fleet management is challenging at best. Having a forum where global fleet managers can share best practices and where to avoid pitfalls has never been done to my knowledge. I look forward to seeing what other fleet managers are doing to get their arms around the challenges of global fleet,” said Mike Sims, global fleet planning, acquisition and resale manager for the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

The value of networking was also echoed by Steve Saltzgiver, VP fleet operations for Coca-Cola Refreshments. “Having participated in fleet conferences and global events, the advantage a global event is visibility to the universal fleet challenges in a global economy. Fleet challenges are truly ubiquitous and effectively networking with other fleet professionals can lead to quicker problem resolution and creative solutions saving fleet organizations valuable time and money,” said Saltzgiver.

In addition, technology is allowing fleet managers to extend the scope of their fleet management responsibilities, along with senior management’s changing views toward fleet management.

“I think the next real challenge for many fleet managers, executives, or anyone with fleet responsibilities is going to be how to manage and take a fleet to a global platform. Like balancing decisions on fuel-efficient vehicles and communications to key executives looking at fleets from a global perspective is going to be one the core and key competencies for fleet managers. Conferences like this are the first step in the direction to help develop best practices and show how to manage and develop policies that cover a globe,” said Dean Yerem, purchasing manager for Nestlé Business Services - North America.

Join the Who’s Who of Global Fleet Management

The Global Fleet Management Conference is also designed for fleet managers who want to learn how to position yourself to expand your fleet responsibilities beyond the U.S. market.

All attendees of the Global Fleet Management Conference will receive free attendance to the last day of the Green Fleet Conference on Oct. 2, with special focus on fleet sustainability initiatives from a regional and global perspective.

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