Photo courtesy of ARI.

Photo courtesy of ARI.

Each day, Big Data and advanced technologies allow for deeper, more meaningful levels of understanding of almost every part of our lives, and fleet is no exception. Businesses now have greater visibility into their operations and the ability to uncover opportunities that drive increased efficiency and lower costs.

ARI’s technology solutions offer unprecedented transparency when it comes to your fleet’s data, which can help lower total cost of ownership at every stage of the lifecycle. Take, for example, the acquisition and supply chain process. Advanced technology can help to pinpoint trends big and small that impact day-to-day operations, thereby increasing the value you receive from key suppliers.

A Look at Each Critical Step

Replacement cycling
Throughout your fleet’s lifecycle, ARI helps you adhere to effective replacement cycling that balances the useful life of each vehicle. Using advanced data analytics, our tenured experts can help you know which vehicles need to be replaced. From which vehicles are often in for repairs, to those that are consuming more fuel, and even those that are performing well, ARI will work with you to fully optimize your fleet, your budget and your business.

Annually, ARI will evaluate your business needs and the jobs that require vehicles. We then dig deeper into each vehicle for details like typical driving conditions, annual mileage, suitable engine size and customization or upfitting requirements. ARI will help standardize your vehicle specs as much as possible, choosing the most job-appropriate vehicles without sacrificing fleet or business needs.

Once we’ve chosen the right vehicles, ARI’s advance data analysis will calculate acquisition costs, funding costs, estimated operating costs and any other factors that will affect cost. Our experts will give you a firm understanding of the total cost of ownership for your vehicles.

Ordering and production status 
ARI can leverage our relationships with procurement and vehicle equipment specialists to boost your negotiations for vehicle pricing, incentives, rebates and other potential savings. ARI provides leading-edge systems and connectivity with manufacturers and upfitters for transparent production status monitoring, to ensure accuracy and the lowest order-to-delivery times possible.

Performance evaluation
Once your vehicles are on the road, ARI will help you actively evaluate the performance of the vehicles—analyzing the day-to-day maintenance and repair expenses and vehicle downtime to ensure you maintain a consistent and efficient replacement program.
ARI will provide answers relative to cost centers, make, model and component level for every vehicle. Knowing and sharing the results with each cost center will help you to encourage awareness and responsibility.

When a vehicle is designated for replacement, you want a quick resale with minimal hassle and maximum return. Our data and systems help expose your vehicles to the broadest buyer base available, to produce the most profitable resale results. ARI has the expertise to maximize the return on every vehicle based on your unique situation and timeframe, and even your specialized vehicles and equipment.

Big Data and advanced technology allow fleet teams to engage with vehicle data in a way that makes a meaningful impact. The fleet management and supply chain experts at ARI can offer tools that help you track, monitor and report on the performance of your fleet. ARI’s resources will empower your organization to make smarter, data-driven decisions that will lead to budget certainty, increased efficiency, cost reductions, lower downtime and increased productivity.