<p><em>Masterack can design tailored upfit packages for a variety of vehicles. Photo courtesy of Masterack.</em></p>

With the right mix and configuration of steel storage modules and shelving components, a fleet vehicle can help improve work efficiency, service quality, and inventory management.

Masterack specializes in designing such tailored packages for a variety of fleet vehicles.

Engineering Custom Solutions

“One of the many things that sets us apart from other upfitters in the industry is our ability to design custom packages for fleets,” said Jenn Voelker, director of engineering and product development for Masterack. “The needs of each fleet are unique, and Masterack excels in engineering solutions to accommodate our customers.”

This attention to detail means working closely with each customer, whether the vehicle at issue is a public utility van, a mobile library, a mobile medical unit, an animal services van, or any other type of fleet vehicle.

<p><em>Masterack products include customized shelving, drawers, parts bins, partitions, and lockable doors and cabinets. Photo courtesy of Masterack.</em></p>

“It may seem like common sense, but customers should really take a look at how the vehicle is going to be used,” said Ashley MacLeod, marketing manager for Masterack. “What is going on the shelves? What would the person driving the van need to have handy? How accessible do these items need to be? Our team sits down with the customers and helps design products to fit all of these needs. We can prototype and let them see the vehicle in person to make sure nothing is overlooked. We even have our engineers ride along with the customers to get a feel for what their needs are.”

Because fleet needs vary based on the industry, Masterack offers interior products in aluminum, composite, and steel. Having this variety of options allows the fleet manager to find the best option for his or her fleet without reaching out to multiple manufacturers.

The company has been manufacturing, selling, and installing steel interiors for more than 40 years, under the name of Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products. Recently, Leggett & Platt CVP rebranded under the product line name — Masterack.

Servicing a Range of Fleet Vehicles

Masterack upfits aren’t limited to a handful of truck and van models.

“Masterack upfits fleets of any make and model,” said MacLeod. “From Nissan Rogues to box trucks to pickups and everything in between, we have designed and installed products in all kinds of vehicles.”

Products include shelving, ladder racks, partitions, workstations, drawers, and accessories such as Freon tank holders, wire spool racks, literature racks, parts bins, tilt shelves, and lockable doors and cabinets.
Masterack does offer standard packages designed to maximize the space inside each vehicle, but these products can be produced in any length, height, or depth that the customer requests, MacLeod noted.

The company’s heavy-duty steel interiors are rugged and durable; they won’t warp or bend.

“We are not the only ones who make steel shelving, but we are the only ones who can tailor our steel packages on demand,” said Brian Jacob, Masterack’s director of client relations.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online