Image courtesy of Derive Systems.

Image courtesy of Derive Systems.

Fleet managers are constantly searching for tools and services to improve their vehicles’ fuel efficiency.

Currently, many fleets use fuel cards and telematics to target areas of inefficiency, but the adoption of in-vehicle solutions is also on the rise.

Derive Systems has developed a non-intrusive, custom engine calibration system to help fleets save fuel. The company has partnered with Meineke Car Centers, Inc., to aid in the vehicle installation process.

Developing a New Solution

Derive Systems has been around since 2003 and it has been providing efficiency calibration software since 2009.

“Our core focus is to take near-generic engines and provide a level of calibration that can deliver improved fuel efficiency and safety,” said Tom Kanewske, senior director of business development at Derive Systems.

Derive’s engine calibration software is applied via a hand-held programmer. To install it, a technician connects the programmer to the vehicle’s engine through the OBD-II port. Then changes are made to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) to provide better fuel efficiency. Once the ECM is calibrated, the programmer is unplugged from the port and no hardware is left behind. Installation time is approximately 15 minutes.

Derive’s software also has the capability of setting a top-speed governor on the vehicle, making it so they can’t go faster than a preset speed. This prevents drivers from going over the speed limit, which lowers the risk of encountering dangerous situations.

“As we look towards the future and see the emergence of autonomous vehicles, connected cars, and software will become a bigger part of our daily lives,” Kanewske said.

Building a Win-Win Partnership

Derive decided to partner with Meineke because of the auto service company’s reputation as a best-in-class preventive maintenance (PM) provider and the high caliber fleets the company services.

Through its partnership with Meineke, Derive anticipates connecting with more fleets, especially those in building services, landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC.

“We want to call Meineke’s clients our clients. This partnership presents an enormous opportunity for Meineke and Derive, and especially for the fleets that we service,” Kanewske said.

As Meineke continues to expand, Derive Systems expects to match its partner’s growth.

Similarly, Meineke decided to pursue the partnership further because Derive’s goals of efficiency and safety improvement fall in line with Meineke’s mission to provide reliable and convenient service to fleets and drivers alike.

“We expect this key partnership to aid in the growth of both companies, as it will help reduce fleet expenses,” said Chris Evans, director of national accounts at Meineke Car Centers, Inc. “We’re looking forward to working with Derive and fleets across the country to help them achieve true fuel efficiency.”

Both companies have growing specializations in the fleet industry, and they strive to provide their practical, yet meaningful, services to all types of fleet vehicles. Because of it, Evans said he foresees a long-term partnership with the vehicle software company.

“The Derive partnership will combine reliable, quality service with fuel savings at our 900 plus locations in North America,” Evans said. 

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