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            Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

            Dodge Ram Hybrid  

            Ford Escape Hybrid 

            GMC Sierra Hybrid   

            Honda Accord Hybrid         

            Honda Civic Hybrid  

            Honda Insight Hybrid          

            Lexus GS450h Hybrid         

            Lexus 400h Hybrid  

            Mercury Mariner Hybrid    

            Nissan Altima Hybrid           

            Toyota Highlander Hybrid  

            Toyota Prius 


            Dodge Ram   

            Ford E-Series

            Ford F-Series Super Duty   

            Jeep Liberty/Cherokee        

            Mercedes Benz E320 CDI    

            Volkswagen Golf TDI           

            Volkswagen Jetta TDI          

            Volkswagen New Beetle TDI          

Natural Gas               

            Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD         

            GMC Sierra 2500 HD           

Ethanol (E-85)                      

            Chevrolet Avalanche

            Chevrolet Impala      

            Chevrolet Monte Carlo        

            Chevrolet Silverado 

            Chevrolet Suburban

            Chevrolet Tahoe      

            Chrysler Sebring      

            Chrysler Town & Country   

            Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan     

            Dodge Durango        

            Dodge Ram   

            Dodge Stratus           

            Ford Crown Victoria

            Ford F-150 Pickup Truck    

            GMC Sierra    

            GMC Yukon   

            GMC Yukon XL          

            Lincoln Town Car    

            Mercedes Benz C-Class        

            Mercury Grand Marquis     

            Nissan Titan  


            DaimlerChrysler GEM


Future Models


            Audi Q7 Hybrid        

            Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid     

            Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid     

            Dodge Durango Hybrid       

            Ford Edge Hybrid    

            Ford Taurus Hybrid

            Ford Fusion Hybrid 

            GMC Yukon Hybrid  

            Lexus LS600hL        

            Lincoln MKX Hybrid

            Mazda Tribune Hybrid        

            Mercury Milan Hybrid         

            Mercury Montego Hybrid   

            Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

            Saturn Aura Hybrid 

            Saturn Vue Hybrid   

            Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid     

Hybrid-Electric Ethanol

            Ford Escape Hybrid E-85    


            Audi A8 TDI  

            Mercedes Benz ML CDI       

            Saab 9-5        

            Volkswagen Touareg V10   

Ethanol (E-85)                      

            Dodge Dakota           

            Jeep Commander     

            Jeep Grand Cherokee          

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

            BMW 760h    

            Ford E-450 Shuttle Bus       

            Mazda RENESIS        

Fuel Cells                   

            Audi A2H2    

            Dodge Sprinter         

            Ford Focus FCV       

            GM Sequel     

            Mercedes F-Cell        

            Toyota FCHV

            Volkswagen HyMotion        


            Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MIEV

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Anonymous Author

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The anonymous public fleet manager is a current working fleet manager who oversees a public fleet in the U.S. He writes about controversial and stimulating topics and expresses candid opinions about some of the challenges and demands of running a fleet operation day-to-day, as well as topics that affect the industry. More than one author can contribute under the "anonymous" name, leading to a diversity of voices and opinions.