(clockwise from upper left) Brownson, Levine, McVeigh, and Ward

(clockwise from upper left) Brownson, Levine, McVeigh, and Ward

Established in 2008, the Fleet Hall of Fame inducted four new members at the 2014 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) Conference, which was held at the M Resort in Las Vegas, September 7-10.

Patsy Brownson, CAFM

Remco TV Rental, Cox Enterprises, UCB

Dates in Fleet: 1976-2011 (Retired)

Brownson began her fleet management career in 1976, beginning with Remco TV Rental, moving to Cox Enterprises, Inc. in 1987. At her early retirement in 2009, the Cox fleet consisted of more than 15,000 vehicles. She returned to fleet, working for pharmaceutical company UCB, Inc. She managed UCB's fleet, relocation, and travel programs for two-and-a-half years, until retiring a second time in 2011.

During her fleet management tenure, she was an active member of several client advisory boards. Brownson worked with the U.S. EPA and DOE on clean air and energy issues and served on a presidential task force that inspired the Clean Cities program. In addition, President Bill Clinton appointed her to the Policy Dialogue Advisory Committee to Develop Options for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Personal Motor Vehicles. She is the current treasurer of Clean Cities – Georgia.

Brownson was the second woman president of the NAFA Fleet Management Association (from 1993 to 1995) and AFLA president from 2005 to 2006 (the only woman to be president of both associations). She received the NAFA Distinguished Service award in 1998 and was named AF Professional Fleet Manager of the Year in 2001.

Stephen Levine

Alexander's Rent a Car, Guardsman LeasePlan, Warner/Amex Cable TV,

Upjohn Phamacia/Pfizer

Dates in Fleet: 1968-2009 (Retired)

Levine started at Alexander's Rent–a-Car, moving on to Guardsman LeasePlan, where he sold open-/closed-/individual/fleet leases working in every department. He moved on to Warner/Amex Cable TV, then Upjohn/Pharmacia/Pfizer (via mergers). He served as the Michigan NAFA Chapter Chair.

Levine was appointed to MIOSHA to write fleet safety rules/regulations for the state and selected to represent NAFA in testifying before the House Energy Subcommittee regarding clean air legislation. At Upjohn/Pharmacia, he implemented "zero tolerance for DUI infractions." He was selected as a member of GM's first Sounding Board and served on Wheels' Steering Council. Levine was awarded the AF Professional Fleet Manager of the Year in 1999.

Brian McVeigh

GM Fleet & Commercial Operations (Retired)

McVeigh spent almost 40 years working in sales and marketing at General Motors, including 10 years spent in the fleet and commercial world — four as the director of fleet in Canada and the last six as the general manager of Fleet & Commercial Sales in the U.S.

During his time spent in fleet, he recognized the importance of developing relationships with both the end-user customer, as well as working with the commercial leasing organizations, to meet the customer's fleet requirements. McVeigh put new emphasis on supporting GM's commercial truck dealers, putting in place resources for them to grow this business. In addition, there were many upgrades to the auction business with new people put in place to recognize the importance of residual values. There was a strong emphasis put into vehicle content in working with daily rental business partners that was beneficial to both parties.

Bob Ward

GELCO, Avis, USFL, Fleet Advisors

Dates in Fleet: 1971-Present

Ward began his career with GELCO in 1971, working in several areas, from operations to client relations, sales to international responsibilities, and eventually president of GELCO's Fleet Management Group.

While at GELCO, the company grew from a regional leasing company to an international company, eventually becoming a $2-billion diversified transportation company traded on the NYSE. After GE acquired GELCO in 1988, Ward returned to New York and accepted the position of president of Avis Leasing Co. He later joined U.S. Leasing in San Francisco (then-owned by Ford) and became president of its business unit, USFL.

After U.S. Leasing, Ward left to start his own business, Fleet Advisors in 1995. Since then, he has worked with hundreds of companies on fleet-related consulting projects and simultaneously established a fleet management program to assist fleets.

AFLA's Strong support of Fleet Hall of Fame

The Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) is the exclusive sponsor of AF's Fleet Hall of Fame award. Since the award's founding in 2008, honorees have been recognized during AFLA's annual conference.

Hall of Fame members are recognized industry leaders and pioneers who have contributed significantly to the commercial fleet management industry. Eligible nominees must have at least 10 years of fleet management experience, and are nominated by members of the industry.

"AFLA is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the distinguished Fleet Hall of Fame awards, recognizing the pioneers, innovators and leaders whose accomplishments embody the finest in service excellence," said John Dmochowsky, AFLA president. "These individuals have made abiding marks on the fleet industry through their trailblazing contributions and we are proud to have the opportunity to honor them at our annual conference. The inductees truly embody the AFLA spirit and reflect our strong desire to provide our members and conference attendees with the most advanced fleet education possible and meet the highest standards in professional development."

The Fleet Hall of Fame was founded in 2008 with 20 founding members. That same year, an additional 10 honorees were selected by the industry through online voting. Additional inductees are installed in the Fleet Hall of Fame with one less honoree each year, until three are installed in 2015. Thereafter, three honorees will be inducted annually.

Founded in 1969, AFLA's mission for its more than 300 member companies, representing all industry segments, is to promote growth, expansion, and professionalism within the fleet industry by providing a strategic focus to fleet management through education, research, technical standards, representation, and advancement of member interests.

Nominate a Deserving Fleet Professional for 2015

If you know a fleet professional who fits the criteria for the Fleet Hall of Fame who you would like to nominate for the 2015 ballot, please visit www.automotivefleet.com/15famenominees.

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