Buyers of the Cadillac ELR (above), Chevrolet Volt or Chevrolet Spark EV receive a ChargePoint card that allows access to more than 17,000 charging stations nationwide, most of them at

Buyers of the Cadillac ELR (above), Chevrolet Volt or Chevrolet Spark EV receive a ChargePoint card that allows access to more than 17,000 charging stations nationwide, most of them at

Luxury cars are all about the experience. When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), Cadillac is making sure convenient charging is part of that experience.

Thanks to a partnership with ChargePoint, an EV-charging network provider, drivers who purchase a Cadillac ELR will receive a free ChargePoint card, giving them access to more than 17,000 ChargePoint charging stations worldwide. The rollout began in February 2014 and is also offered with the Chevrolet Spark EV and Chevrolet Volt.

“Just as the ELR provides our customers with a unique luxury coupe offering, Cadillac’s partnership with ChargePoint allows us to provide our customers with a unique additional value to enhance their luxury purchase experience,” said Brian Corbett, Cadillac communications manager. “With the ChargePoint account, ELR drivers can find charging spots and check availability from their mobile phone, get status notifications during their charging sessions, receive electric vehicle tips, and track their fuel and greenhouse savings.”

Extending Range Freedom

To participate in the ChargePoint program, ELR drivers simply create an account and user profile. With the ChargePoint activation card, they can charge their cars at any of the more than 17,000 charging stations, receive updates on the charging status of their cars, and more. Most of the charging stations are free, but in the event a fee is charged, having the ChargePoint card allows drivers to pay using their account information, which includes providing a credit card at sign up.

“Cadillac’s partnership with ChargePoint allows ELR drivers to more easily find charging stations, maximizing gasoline-free, emissions-free driving,” Corbett said.

Although the ELR already comes equipped with extended-range electric vehicle technology that provides 37 miles of EV range and more than 300 miles of extended range using the on-board generator, having access to a vast network of charging stations provides drivers even greater flexibility and combats “range anxiety.”

Having more places to charge the ELR could result in increased reliance on electric power, but Corbett said the program is still too new to say for sure.

“We’re pretty early in the launch of the ELR, so we don’t have a large sampling yet of how Cadillac customers are driving them,” he said. “However, an annual study of a sampling of Chevrolet Volt owners around the country showed customers displace 80 percent of petroleum on their weekly commutes and drive about 900 miles before filling their gas tank. So, they’re already driving in EV mode a majority of the time.”

Driving EV Growth

Cadillac hopes ELR drivers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the ChargePoint program — their sights are set on expanding electric vehicle awareness and sales, too.  

“The expansion of public and private charging infrastructure is important to increasing sales and awareness of electrified vehicles,” Corbett said. “Cities need to do their part by offering preferred parking and free parking perks for plug-in vehicles. Public charging infrastructure is important, but the immediate need is to make it easy for people to install 240v chargers in their homes and for businesses to offer charging to their employees.”

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