Join Green Fleet magazine in acknowledging the 2013 group of 40 Sustainability All-Stars for all they do to help green fleets and sustain the environment.

The third annual Sustainability All-Star award recipients were recognized October 2 during the Green Fleet Conference in Phoenix. Green Fleet magazine staff reviewed nominees’ online applications based on professional longevity, accomplishments (significant sustainability achievements), innovation (innovative ways individuals have contributed to reducing emissions and fuel consumption), and overall industry involvement. Altogether, these fleet professionals have reduced greeenhouse gas emissions, created green fleet and sustainability policies, and have dedicated their time and energy to ensuring the path to sustainability is clear. The following are the 40 individuals, including commercial and public sector fleet managers, as well as vendors/suppliers, recognized for their outstanding achievements in green fleet sustainability in 2013.

Michael Bieger, Senior Director, Global Procurement, ADP

  • Imposing global CO2 reduction mandate (reduced global CO2 by 11% in two years).
  • Replaced 86% of fleet in past two years with more fuel-efficient vehicles/engines.
  • Introduced leasing company/systems to assist with improved driving behavior.
  • Fleet Stats: 3,165 units, 1% green


David Boenitz, Dir., Ground Transportation, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

  • Installed 40 electric vehicle charging stations in Terminal 2 parking lot.
  • Recently added 18 propane-autogas-powered shuttle buses.
  • Worked closely with airport ground transportation to convert to hybrid cabs, and alt-fuel passenger shuttles.
  • Fleet Stats: 29 units, 100% green


Douglas Bond, Transportation services Manager, Alameda County, Calif.

  • Grew hybrid-electric fleet with 46% of fleet achieving higher than 30 mpg.
  • Testing lifetime oil filters to reduce oil consumption and filter waste.
  • Rolled out online mode-matching system to promote carpooling, with a more than 12% employee enrollment.
  • Fleet Stats: 1,013 units, 20% green


Bill Burns, Operations Manager, Div. of Fleet Management, City of Columbus, Ohio

  • Saved more than $190,000 over diesel costs to date in 2013 from first public-access CNG fueling station, began construction on second CNG fueling station.
  • Began greening off-road equipment to propane autogas.
  • Fleet Stats: 2,978 units, 25% green


Roland Cordero, Director of Maintenance & Vehicle Technology, Foothill Transit

  • Retiring 23 remaining diesel-fueled buses in December 2013.
  • Purchased 64 total 42-foot CNG transit buses.
  • Purchased 12 additional fast-charge electric buses to fully electrify Line 291.
  • Fleet Stats: 314 units, 93% green


Rob Donat, Founder & CEO, GPS Insight

  • Data from the 50,000-plus vehicles tracked year-to-date shows the following savings:
  • Saved more than approximately 6.6 million total gallons of fuel, which equates to close to $25 million in fuel-cost savings.
  • Reduced customer’s emissions by approximately 24,280 tons.


John Dufour, Owner, All-Star Transportation

  • First school bus company in Connecticut to purchase BlueBird Vision propane-autogas vehicles for Torrington Public Schools.
  • Increased usage of hybrid vehicles.
  • Recycle all diesel vehicle waste fluids to heat three maintenance facilities.
  • Fleet Stats: 695 units, 7% green


Kevin Gallacci, Maintenance Manager, Clallam Transit System

  • Purchased 12 ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vans. Company has used the alt-fuel since 1980.
  • Put into service six 2013 emissions-certified buses outfitted with electric fans or mini hybrids.
  • Worked on joint pilot to outfit a service truck with a propane autogas conversion kit.
  • Fleet Stats: 100 units, 30% green


Art Hale, State Fleet Manager of Energy & Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State Fleet Management

  • Increased E-85 fleet to 1,485 units, diesel to 342, hybrid-electric to 348, CNG to 83, with 140-plus CNG units on order for 2014.
  • Integrated two hybrid hydraulics, installed 13 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs), and expanded telematics program.
  • Normalized petroleum reduction was 14%.
  • Fleet Stats: 5,875 units, 38% green


Ron Halley, VP, Fleet & Facilities, Student Transportation, Inc.

  • Deployed largest single fleet of propane-autogas-powered school buses in the U.S. (435) in Omaha, Neb., which will reduce the schools’ CO2 emissions by more than 2.3 million pounds annually.
  • Currently operate 1,000 CNG and propane autogas vehicles.
  • Operate largest fleet of biofuel buses in Canada, according to the company.


Dan Hannan, Director, Strategic Consulting, Merchants Fleet Management

  • Consulted customers on vehicle selection, fuel programs, telematics, and scorecarding to drive 20% reduction on emissions.
  • Grew percentage of SmartWay-certified vehicles in Merchant’s portfolio by more than 39%.
  • Assisted customers with selection of altfuel vehicles and field rollout.


Phil Horlock, President & CEO, Bluebird Corp.

  • Drove a near four-fold increase in total propane-autogas Vision school buses in FY-2013.
  • Deployed 432 propane autogas school buses in Omaha, Neb., the largest single propane autogas school bus order in history, according to the company.
  • Increased percentage of Blue Bird dealers selling propane-autogas school buses from 23% to 91% in past five years.


Robert Howdyshell, Dir., Purchasing & Fleet Services, County of Riverside, Calif.

  • Added CNG Transit Connect vans to selector list.
  • In FY-2013, fleet services made “standing loss control” improvements to above ground storage tanks to reduce the emissions of volatile organic compound (VOCs), which lead to smog formation.
  • Fleet Stats: 4,230 units, 40% green


Melissa Howell, Executive Director, Kentucky Clean Fuels

  • Worked on program collaborating between Mammoth Cave National Park, the U.S. Dept. of Interior, and the U.S. Dept. of Energy on Clean Cities National Park Initiative.
  • Teaming with natural gas fuel and equipment suppliers, fleet managers, and government agencies to host workshops.
  • Putting finishing touches on Kentucky Hybrid Electric School Bus project.


Johnson & Johnson (Louise Davis-Lopez, Julie Pedelini, & Brian Snow)

  • Reduced global CO2 by 5% in 2013, keeping global fleet on track to reach 20% emissions reduction by 2015.
  • Increasing inventory of on-road hybrids to more than 1,700.
  • Implemented a green driver training program in Belgium, resulting in a 6% reduction in fuel usage.
  • Fleet Stats: 4,534 units, 59% green


John Lapetz, VP & Managing Director, North American Vehicle Programs, Westport

  • Launched bi-fuel CNG Westport WiNG Power System for Ford F-250/350/450/550/Super Duty product line.
  • Opened Michigan Technical Center in Plymouth, Mich., to continue advancement of natural gas engine development.
  • Expanding Westport product line with addition of BAF products.


Ron Latko, Director, Transportation & Fleet Mgmt., Mesa Public Schools

  • Increased propane autogas fleet size by 61 buses (from 28 to 89).
  • Cut diesel consumption by almost 200,000 gallons, which will reduce GHG emissions by 2,789 tons.
  • Initiated a “Green Driving” course at fleet’s training academy.
  • Fleet Stats: 544 units, 16% green


Keith Leech, Fleet Manager, City of Sacramento

  • Awarded $600,000 CEC grant for expansion and upgrade of LNG infrastructure to demonstrate renewable natural gas (biomethane).
  • From 2011 to 2013: reduced gasoline consumption by 10% and increased LNG consumption by 87%.
  • From 2009 to 2013 reduced diesel fuel consumption by 34%, and reduced GHG emissions by 11%.
  • Fleet Stats: 1,908 units, 21% green


Kathlene Lockett, Fleet Clerk Specialist, Brighton School District 27J, Colo.

  • Purchased 16 propane-autogas buses.
  • Installed a propane autogas fueling island, with certain drivers certified for vehicle fueling.
  • Purchased two white fleet vehicles for snow plowing, will purchase more units with fuelcost savings.
  • Fleet Stats: 135 units, 15% green.


Rick Longobart, Facilities, Fleet & Central Stores Manager, City of Santa Ana, Calif.

  • Implemented vehicle/equipment rental rate that separate fuel charges to provide an incentive savings plan.
  • Developed specs and went to bid for stateof- the-art public access propane-autogas station, also purchased six propane-autogas medium-duty vehicles.
  • Received grants for 13 B-20 and E-85 units.
  • Fleet Stats: 652 units, 12% green


Ed Lovelace, Chief Technology Officer, XL Hybrids

  • Led engineering development of post transmission, parallel hybrid-electric conversion system.
  • Helped design the XL3 hybrid system, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions by more than 20% for city driving.
  • Fleets taking delivery of the XL3 system in 2013 will reduce gasoline fuel use by approximately 1 million gallons, said XL Hybrids.


Dick Malcom, Fleet Administrator, State Farm Mutual Insurance

  • Fleet required to provide claims partners with vehicles capable of carrying an extension ladder. Even with the change in business requirements, 89% of purchases are powered by a four-cylinder engine.
  • Oil-change intervals extended — now all oil used is a form of synthetic.
  • Fleet Stats: 10,785 units, 43% green


Brian Matuszewski, Mgr., Sustainable, Strategies, ARI

  • Directs ARI’s global sustainable fleet management consulting efforts and internal sustainability programs and initiatives.
  • ARI rep for partnerships with SmartWay Transport, CALSTART, and multiple Clean Cities Coalitions.
  • Rolled out a sustainability intranet site at ARI.


Scott Mayo, Fleet Sales & Operations Mgr., SCT Fleet Solutions

  • Aids SCT customers in reducing emissions through use of SCT technology.
  • Bridged the gap between driver and fleet professionals drawing from personal fleet management experience.
  • Successfully assisted DISH Network, PGW Glass, ARS, Sears, and others to reduce fuel usage in their fleets.


William McCarty II, Dir. of Budget & Management, City of Springfield, Ill.

  • Facilitated City’s entry into alt-fuels by pushing for installation of propane autogas bi-fuel systems on 24 City vehicles and installation of a propane autogas fueling site.
  • Began fleet consolidation process of four City maintenance facilities into one operation to eliminate waste and inefficiency.
  • Fleet Stats: 850 units, 3% green


Colin Messer, Program Manager, State of New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Dept.

  • Instrumental in getting alternative-fuel vehicles into fleet.
  • Worked with propane industry on industry training guide for propane autogas conversions and produced LPG technician training manual.
  • Directed programs to advance alt-fuels in New Mexico and California.
  • Fleet Stats: 40 units, 23% green


Allen Mitchell, Chief, Equipment Bureau, Arlington County, Va.

  • County Board adopted Community Energy Plan, applying to community development and County fleet.
  • Accelerated remodeling of maintenance facility to enable CNG vehicle maintenance.
  • Fleet Stats: 1,195 units, 85% green


Brandon Morris, Director, Fleet Services, DIRECTV

  • Reduced emissions in 2013 by 11%.
  • Have 77 dedicated propane-autogas vehicles in operation.
  • Avoided approximately 90,000 gallons of gasoline with propane-autogas vehicle use.
  • Fleet Stats: 5,750 units, 2% green


Kelly Muldoon, Director of Business Development, Venchurs Vehicle Systems

  • Participated in more than 50 grassroots events/conferences propane alt-fuel use.
  • Helped coordinate the “Why Alt-Fuels Now” conference in conjunction with Peterson Automotive Museum.
  • Worked with more than 50 fleets to evaluate feasibility of incorporating natural gas vehicles into their operations.


Wayne Reynolds, Mgr., Upfit Design & Consultation, LeasePlan USA

  • Directly involved with companies across client base in various stages with green efforts.
  • Worked with client relations teams identifying opportunities for clients to downsize vehicles, reducing acquisition costs and improving fuel economy.
  • Introduced CNG and propane autogas vehicles in various locations with clients.


Jose Rivera, Corporate VP of Administration, J.J. Taylor Companies

  • Moving to CNG use to reduce carbon footprint.
  • A second, private/public station is under development in Ft. Myers, Fla., to be completed by February 2014.
  • Ten Freightliner Cascadia with ISX12 on order for delivery in January 2014. Another 27 units — ISLG — are planned for mid-2014.
  • Fleet Stats: 166 units, 26% green


Jeff Shefchik, President, Paper Transport

  • Replaced 60 old diesel tractors with newer, more fuel-efficient 2013 diesel units.
  • Added 40 CNG tractors to fleet.
  • Added trailer skirts to trailers for aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
  • Fleet Stats: 400 units, 15% green.


Abe Stephenson, Fleet & Administration Manager, Dish

  • Currently on-roading 200 ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-250 propane autogas vans.
  • Transferred accountability from driver to vehicle with idling reduction and top speed calibrations through SCT Fleet Solutions.
  • Added charging options for drivers handheld note computers.
  • Fleet Stats: 4,700 units, 4% green


Brian Tabel, Director of Marketing, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

  • ICTA offers two different diesel options, the NPR ECO-MAX/Reach diesel engine at 150 hp/12,000-pound GVW or the 215 hp diesel engine for the 14,500-19,500-pound GVW range on the NPR-HD, NQR, and NRR.
  • Only OEM to offer a gasoline engine in an low cab forward (LCF) vehicle, which is also CNG/LPG capable.


Joe Thompson, President, ROUSH CleanTech

  • Integral in creating ROUSH CleanTech in 2010 (alt-fuel vehicles division of parent company ROUSH Enterprises).
  • Invests resources to ensure all products are EPA- and CARB-certified.
  • Works to improve company’s manufacturing process to deliver quality products. Developed manufacturing processes to ensure that every fuel system meets stringent guidelines.


Jerome Webber, VP, Global Fleet Operations, AT&T

  • Achieved halfway-mark of 2009 commitment, with 7,500 alt-fuel vehicles deployed.
  • Avoided purchase of $4.6 million in fuel in 2013 (12.3 million gallons to date).
  • Continued GFO garage waste recycling efforts, collecting/recycling more than 72,000 gallons of oil in 2013.
  • Fleet Stats: 74,000 units, 11% green


David Worthington, fleet manager, Sonoma County, Calif.

  • County recognized with California Governor’s award for creating a county and regionwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure, known as the “EV Trail.”
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 1,563 tons since 2002.
  • Fleet received California Bureau of Automotive Repair Green Station certifications.
  • Fleet Stats: 1,245 units, 23% green


Tom Wurdack, Fleet Manager, Renzenberger

  • Deployed additional LPG vehicles in 2013 (50 deployed).
  • Reduced total gasoline gallons used by switching to LPG.
  • Dramatically reduced CO2 emissions from vehicles running on LPG.
  • Fleet Stats: 1,250 units, 7% green