Screenshot via Hyundai.

Screenshot via Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor America (HMA) has made a commitment to increase its commercial fleet sales. In calendar-year 2013, with only three years under its belt, Hyundai's corporate sales team sold more than 7,000 vehicles to fleets of all sizes, including the U.S. government. To help move the needle to even more volume, HMA has developed the internal "infrastructure" to facilitate fleet sales by creating a commercial fleet website that allows direct-order capability and offers a drop-ship delivery program.

Launched in November 2013, the new Hyundai Motor America Commercial Fleet Website — — enables all users to access vehicle information and specifications for Hyundai products. It is the official platform to order vehicles and access order status, delivery status, and order history. It also provides users with the set-up process for requesting a fleet management company (FMC) or end-user fleet ID code.

"The system allows all the functionality an end-user or FMC would need to source vehicle specs, including the colors, port installed options (PIO), send in an order, and track an order to determine status," said Richard Pipenhagen, corporate sales manager for Hyundai Motor America. "We beta-tested the system prior to our official launch."

Fleet users will now be able to create orders on the website, which will require an FMC code and log-in ID. The steps to placing an order include entering a PO number, selecting the sales type, entering the end-user code, placing the order, and selecting the drop-ship destination.

"You can also use the system to apply for a fleet identification number (FIN). All of Hyundai's published fleet incentives are listed on the website. It is also password-protected, so everyone has their own private data tied to a FIN code," said Pipenhagen.

Access to current and historical order data is only granted to those with a log-in ID and password. All current and prospective customers will be able to access information on Hyundai vehicles, including pricing, production and build-out dates, colors and specs, warranty, and maintenance schedules, without having to use a password.

Each FMC will utilize one primary e-mail address and the password it created to access its Hyundai account and fleet order activity.

Order history can also be tracked. The user can export an order, which will download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the order history. The user can also print a hardcopy of a fleet order for their records.

The website also allows users to request a drop-ship code, designed for creation of non-retail dealer drop-ship locations.

"HMA is confident that our new website, will be seen as a significant enhancement and further convey our commitment that we are dedicated to serving the commercial fleet marketplace," said Pipenhagen.